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Electrical engineer transplanted to the world of finance with exposure to traditional banking technology and emerging blockchain technologies. For fun you will find me sipping cappuccinos in independent coffee shops or cheering for the best football team in the world F.C Barcelona

Consensus of disagreements

Few in the Western world would question the fairness of interest payment to a loan creditor. In Islamic banking, interest or ribah, is incompatible with sharia, Islamic code. Curiously, the other two big monotheistic religions Judaism and Christianity share some queasiness about charging interest. Islamic financial products tend to be arranged like partnerships,… Read more »

Margin management with smart contracts

Marginig is typically required for future settled instruments like futures and forwards. TBA trades, a type of agency backed MBS with around $180 billion daily volume, has escaped this requirement. The New York Fed estimates up to 1.5 trillion is uncleared and unmargined. It was not until 2014 that rules… Read more »